6 Zanzibar Resorts To Consider for an Unforgettable Holiday

Beautiful Zanzibar resorts and breathtaking white sandy beaches are the heartbeat of Zanzibar tourism. Travelers have extended their holiday just to experience more of the cultural rich Zanzibar, the luxury of its resorts or just to enjoy its amazing weather and sandy beaches.

Zanzibar boasts of some of the best beaches in Africa. The weather is favorable almost throughout the year. The Bewjuu beach is one prime example. Endless stretches of white sandy beaches adorn the coastline. The Zanzibar palm trees add a backdrop that remind you that you are indeed walking the the land of the sultans.

So you want to know some of the most notable Zanzibar resorts. I had to come up with a list of six. It was extremely hard to come up with such a list because that would mean that I was going to leave out some of the best resorts that have ever been built by man. But I had to come up with a list anyway… and so I did it.

Please note that this is not a top six list. I hope though that you get a picture of what you will get when you finally set foot on the sandy beaches of Zanzibar.

Hit us up in the comment section and tell us about your favorite Zanzibar resorts – even if they are not in the list.

List in no particular order.

1. Sea Cliff Resort and Spa Zanzibar

On the North West coast sits this paradise called Sea Cliff Resort and Spa Zanzibar. This Zanzibar resort boasts of 120 rooms and three stunning pools – one of which is a children’s pool. The pools overlook the enchanting Indian ocean.

Beside the pools is one amazing restaurant named Mangapwani restaurant. The restaurant allows you the luxury of enjoying your meals while enjoying the beauty of the Indian ocean. With such kind of view coupled with the best in local and international  cuisine, it is hard to beat Sea Cliff Resort at this business.

A second restaurant called the room restaurant is available for those quick light meals.

It is hard to put the beauty surrounding this restaurant into words. Pictures and videos can bring you closer but you can only get the full experience by being there yourself.

Notice the magnificent beaches. Notice the palm trees – a statement that you are indeed in Zanzibar.

One thing that stands out is the warm welcome that you will receive when you arrive. While great hospitality is a Tanzanian thing, you have to give it to these guys for taking it to a whole new level.

This Zanzibar resort can be a perfect romantic destination to take your partner for that special occasion or for a heavenly honeymoon. You are guaranteed an  awesome experience.

2. Diamond Dream of Zanzibar Resorts

Absolutely amazing. That is how best to describe this 5 star resort with more than 150 rooms. For the discerning traveler who wants a better experience than a hotel room can offer, the Diamond Dream of Zanzibar Resort boasts of 3 beach villas with private pool.

There is no better place to be if you like the relaxing environment of white sandy beaches.

This Zanzibar resort serves really good food. You will definitely have the best time of your life.

3. Ocean Paradise Resort Zanzibar

The name really does tell the story. This is paradise on earth… or Zanzibar to be specific.  Arrive here weighed down by life and you will leave the happiest man walking the planet earth.

White sandy beaches, amazing view of the Indian ocean, mouth watering food – there is just so much about this resort that make it stand out in the competitive space that is Zanzibar resorts and spa business. You will have to make it here to experience it all.

Visitors have always described the Ocean Paradise as the perfect get away. My personal favorite feature among Zanzibar resorts, the traditional makuti roof, is also present here.

The makuti does give it a ‘Zanzibar feel.’ You will also notice that the resort is designed to mimic the roundness of the traditional African hut.

4. Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort

This is one of those Zanzibar resorts that prove that if you want the best beach holiday the you should take the next flight to Zanzibar. No wonder Zanzibar has stolen the hearts of Safari goers as the best place to be after their safari in the wild in East Africa.

Stunning sandy beaches is a common denominator for all the amazing Zanzibar resorts but there is something unique you will find at this beach. You can’t just place a finger on it but it will occur to you that there is something extra ordinary about the beaches of the Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort.

If you find yourself here then be glad. This is going to be one of the best holidays you will ever have.

The resort has 96 rooms, 16 of which are superior rooms. The resort also sits on almost 20 acres of land. Yea, it is that big.

5. The Palms Zanzibar

Of all the top tier Zanzibar resorts, this is one of the best resorts for those who love exclusivity. There are nocrowds over here.

The Palms boasts of luxurious villas with terraces with breathtaking views of the Indian ocean. The villas have separate bedrooms , a living room, full en suite bathroom and a dressing room.

The Palms is the ultimate location for that romantic holiday. And you will enjoy the exclusivity. Believe me you when I tell you that you have never been to a place like The Palms. Nowhere on God’s green earth will you find villas so immaculately built facing the enchanting waters of the Indian ocean, and to top it all of, a beach club will be your next door neighbour.

I would recommend The Palms Zanzibar resort also as a perfect after safari location. You will love the beaches, the food, the friendly staff, the villas and most definitely the Zanzibar experience.

This is the kind of place that can make you extend your holiday for a few more days.

6. Breezes Beach Club and Spa

On the Bewjuu beach, one of the best beaches in Africa, you will find this Zanzibar beach resort that has become a favorite with tourists.

The two storey buildings have strategically placed rooms offering you very good views of Zanzibar.

Those who love water sports will particularly love this place because of the beach club.  The Frangiapani Spa is also one of the best spas and offers a wide range of treatments.

Your Take on Zanzibar Resorts

Which is your favourite Zanzibar resort?

Have you ever been to Zanzibar? Where did you stay and how did you like it?


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