Zanzibar Airport Guide: Abeid Amani Karume International Airport

The main Zanzibar airport is Abeid Amani Karume International Airport. It was previously called Zanzibar International Airport but was renamed in 2010 in honor of Abeid Amani Karume who was the islands first president.

The Zanzibar airport is located in Unguja island which is the main island of the Zanzibar archipelago. The Unguja island is informally referred to as Zanzibar but the Zanzibar consists of Unguja, Pemba and other small islands.

A new terminal is under construction at the Zanzibar airport and is expected to be completed soon.

Flights To Zanzibar Airport

You can fly directly to Zanzibar from outside of Africa. Some Kenya Airways flights connect via Nairobi.

Some of the airlines that operate flights to Zanzibar include: Ethiopian Airways, Oman Air, Kenya Airways, Precision Air, Fly 540 among others.

There are several domestic flights to Zanzibar from all the major airports in Tanzania. Most visitors coming to Zanzibar from Europe or America land in Dar es Salaam before proceeding to Abeid Amani Karume International Airport.

Charter Services at the Zanzibar Airport

Reliable charter services are available for those who want to charter flights from around Tanzania to Zanzibar.

Some reputable companies offering charter services include:

Air Excel, Auric Air Services, Flight Link, Nomad Tanzania, Zan Air, Safari Air link, Zantas Air, Coastal Travel and Tropical Air.


Forex services, ATMs, Wi-fi and banking services are available in this Zanzibar airport.

All the other basic services that you would expect in any airport are also available.

Ground Transport

Dala dala is the name of public service vehicles used in Zanzibar. They also ply the Stone Town route and can take you anywhere you want in Zanzibar except for the narrow alleys that characterize some of the Zanzibar streets.

Taxis are also available and probably the most reliable and safe mode of transport in Zanzibar. It is advisable that you negotiate the amount of your fare before embarking on your journey. It most probably will be in the range of USD 25 – 40… sometimes lower but seldom higher – that however will depend on your haggling skills.

Hotels Near Zanzibar Airport

Several hotels are close to the Zanzibar Airport. Take a taxi from the airport to your hotel if the hotel does not offer shuttling services from the Zanzibar airport to your hotel.


Not all outlets accept credit cards so you will be better off carrying cash

The most popular language is Swahili so you will do pretty well if you can introduce yourself or say hi in Swahili. Learn some translations of Swahili words and phrases.

Zanzibar has a rich history and culture. Immerse yourself in the culture and experience it in language, food, dance and music.

If there is any festival at the time you are around make sure you attend the celebrations. It definitely will be a rewarding experience.


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