Tanzania Weather and When To Visit

Tanzania weather sunny day

Two Zebras in a Tanzania Park on a Pleasant Sunny Day

Tanzania weather is one of those things you need to know while planning a trip to this beautiful East African country. Tanzania enjoys a pleasant tropical climate. There are however wide climatic variations due to altitude. The average temperatures in the more mountainous regions is lower than those in the low lands. Tanzania weather is however pleasant throughout the year – there is nothing extreme.

Tanzania is so close to the equator to experience a real summer and winter. We have dry and wet seasons instead. The seasons you need to pay attention to are determined by the long and short rains.

Seasons of Long and Short Rains

The season of long rains starts from around mid March to May. The dry season – which is probably the best time to visit – is in the months of June, July, August, September and October. November and December experiences short rains. Short rains will not interfere with your safari so this is also a good time to visit Tanzania.

These time lines are not cast in stone since the climate has become hugely unpredictable due to global warming. Contact people on the ground or tour operator to give further advice based on the locations you want to visit.

The highest humidity is experienced from December to February.


The average temperature vary with altitude but there is nothing extreme. The average person should be able to handle Tanzania weather pretty well. The temperatures are manageable throughout the year.

In the dry season of June, July, August, September and October, the average afternoon temperatures range from 20 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. The Tanzania weather at this time is predominantly sunny with a clear blue sky. The temperatures however cool off at night – often dropping to around 15 degrees Celsius.

The coast region happens to be the hottest and the most humid region.

Tanzania weather zanzibar palms

Zanzibar on a Sunny Day With Clear Blue Sky

Average Temperatures and Sunlight Hours in Dar es Salaam

Month of the Year Average Low Temperatures (Degrees Celsius) Average High Temperatures (Degrees Celsius) Average Sunlight Hours   
January 24 32 8
February 24 32 7
March 23 32 7
April 23 31 5
May 22 30 7
June 20 29 7
July 18 29 7
August 18 29 9
September 19 30 9
October 20 31 9
November 22 31 8
December 23 32 8

When To Visit

When to visit Tanzania depends on you and what exactly you want. Tanzania weather allows you to visit during all seasons but some secondary roads may become impassable during the wet season. This makes some very good safari locations inaccessible.

The only time you need to worry about is therefore between mid March to May. Contact your operator or planner of your itinerary to give you further advice if you are planning to come to Tanzania at this time. The best option is to postpone your travel plans to a time outside of the long rainy season to fully enjoy what Tanzania has to offer.

June to October happens to be the best wildlife viewing season. Note that the wildebeest migration happens all year round between Kenya and Tanzania – you just have to know where to look to find them. If you want to see them in the Serengeti then June and part of July is the best time.

The calving season for the Wildebeests happens around January and February in the southern plains.

What To Wear for Tanzania Weather

You are advised to carry some warm clothes which may be needed during morning drives. Morning drives can be very cold.


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