Best Places to Shop for Safari Clothing in the UK

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So you are going on an African Safari and you can’t find a good store that stocks safari clothing in the UK?

UK shoppers actually have a lot of options when it comes to shopping for safari clothes. Not only are there online safari stores that exclusively serve the UK market but there are various brick and mortar safari stores that have dealers in London and other major towns. You can find their clothes in stores selling travel and outdoor gear.

Before you start shopping for safari clothing, you should read this other comprehensive article that I had written for safari goers as a guide on what to wear on an African safari.

If you are strapped for time and can’t read the article then I will briefly recap the main points from that article for you.

Here we go:

  • You don’t have to buy a lot of clothes. If there is something in your wardrobe already that would be practical for an African safari then just use it instead (provided it checks most of the boxes discussed below). I know people look for every excuse to go shopping. If you are doing it just because you crave your weekly dose of retail therapy then make it economically worthwhile by having a few of your safari clothes generic enough to be worn during other outdoor activities rather than only for a safari. If money is no problem then you can buy whatever you want.
  • Your number one priority should be being as comfortable as you can in your safari clothing. Think of the weather (the cold of morning game drives and the heat of the sun later on). For this reason you should carry a sweater/fleece for the cold and also take care to wear clothes with breathable fabrics that can easily whisk away sweat when it gets hot. Also, make sure that you can easily move in your clothes especially if you will be going on a walking safari.
  • The colors of your clothes matter. But not so much that you should stress about it. I’ll keep it simple – go for earth-tone colors. Brown, khaki, tan, sand, olive and green will do just fine. You should avoid blues, reds, blacks and whites while in the wild for the reasons pointed out in this article.
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Shirts in Appropriate Color from The Safari Store

  • Pack light. If you will be moving with your entire luggage between the destinations then it is important to note that your transportation will mainly consist of light aircraft. They tend to have lower baggage allowance than the big planes. So keep your luggage light. 15 Kgs to be safe. Your bag should be soft and squashable like this one on The Safari Store UK. This allows it to be easily fit in the aircraft and the safari vehicles.
  • Carry some nice normal clothes too. You will be glad you did. A visit to a good restaurant or night club in safari clothing isn’t very cool, right? Thought so. And I don’t mean formal clothing – not unless you are on a business trip. Just smart casual.

That’s pretty much it.

Here are some shopping suggestions. All these stores ship products in the UK.

Online Safari Stores Shipping to the UK

The Safari Store UK ( and  SafariQuip ( are very decent stores that stock safari clothing for UK clients. Safari shirts, trousers, hats, bags, and other clothes can be found at The Safari Store.

Alternatively, if you have the time to browse around, you can shop at or Amazon currently stocks almost everything under the sun. And you have the option of comparing prices offered by competing manufacturers and sellers. Just make sure you buy quality stuff.

Where to Find Safari Gear and Equipment in the UK

If you want to buy equipment and other cool stuff that will help you during your safari then SafariQuip is your best bet.

They stock a wide range of products that can prove very useful for any traveler. You will agree with me that the following will make your safari much more fun:

  • Insect repellants
  • hats and gloves
  • travel bags
  • equipment cases
  • sun glasses
  • sunscreen
  • water bottles
  • torches
  • batteries
  • binoculars

Aim for Comfort

Ultimately you want to be as comfortable as possible. Do not overthink this stuff. This guide and a little common sense is just enough. Happy shopping. And enjoy your safari.

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