Private Safaris: How to Pick a Perfect Private Tanzania Safari

 A hyena in the serengeti - choosing private safaris

Private safaris are for the discerning traveler. If you are reading this then you probably are one.

You understand that a price tag cannot be put on the experience of watching the sun set in the Serengeti as the weaver birds chirp away on the majestic acacia trees while in your own exclusive safari vehicle.

You understand that freedom to choose where to go and when to go while on an experience of a lifetime like an African safari is priceless.

A private Tanzania safari will give you the opportunity to design your own bespoke safari to fit your tastes and preferences just as perfectly as a master tailor puts together a bespoke suit or dress.

Ever had the pleasure of being dressed by a tailor who is a master of his craft. They seem to just get it perfectly right every time. The feel of the fabric on your skin is heavenly. The fit is perfect. The dress hugs you perfectly at the shoulders and curves beautifully at the waist while mimicking the fine contours of your body. You can have the same experience with a perfectly tailored private Tanzania safari.

If you are traveling with close friends or with loved ones and value privacy and exclusivity then you need to give the idea of going on a private safari a serious consideration.

Private Safaris Are Totally Worth It

Now you might be thinking that private safaris cost thousands more than group safaris. Turns out the difference between a group safari and a private safari can be as little as $200 per head.

Of course prices are going to vary from company to company but you get the idea. Assuming you could afford it and you had to choose between a $2,500 per person group safari and $3,000 private safari, I would confidently advice you to pick the latter.

It will be totally worth it. You won’t regret having made the decision.

Perfect Tour Companies Make Perfect Private Safaris

The first step in planning your private safari is choosing the right tour company. You want to choose a safari company that has been in business long enough to know every corner of Tanzania and has the expertise to pick the right combination of experiences that will guarantee an awe-inspiring travel experience.

The planning of itineraries of private safaris is so serious a business to be left in the hands of an amateur. Your itinerary should be handcrafted by someone who understands your needs and is committed to giving you the best experience of your life.

You should be able to tell them your dreams and trust that they will make them come alive.

Most of the Tanzania tour companies are committed to offering their customers the best. So there is no need to worry.

Visit the websites of a few tour companies and go through the catalog of itineraries they have on offer and the prices of those packages.

Most of the itineraries are for group safaris but a number of the Tanzania tour companies have options for clients to choose private safaris. You should be able to narrow down to a few companies that meet your needs.

The starting point is having a rough idea of what you want or you may be overwhelmed by the truckloads of safari packages floating on the internet.

Make a mental note of your budget, your desired luxury level, the destinations you want to visit and the kind of accommodation you want as you browse around.

This makes choosing the right company for you an easy task.

Designing Your Perfect Safari

elephants in the serengeti- designing the perfect private tanzania safari

Once you’ve narrowed down to one or two companies, contact them and tell them what you need.

Once you start communicating with one customer service representative or agent it is nice if they let you stick with that person throughout the planning and booking process. Going through three or more people over the course of the process may result in the details being lost in communication and no one wants that.

There are several things you need to discuss and agree upon with your safari company:

  • The luxury level you are shooting for.
  • The number of days your safari will last.
  • The lodges or camps you will be accommodated in.
  • The modes of internal transportation. You need to know whether you will be picked up from the airport or not. How will you commute between the attractions? Will you drive in and drive out? Or will you drive in and fly out? You want to make sure that the transitions are as seamless as possible.
  • The attractions you will visit and how much time you will spend there.
  • Meal plans.

Of course the details will probably change in the course of the safari but you need to get the main pieces right.

The main advantage of private safaris is flexibility and exclusivity and so you can take things at your own pace and change your plans as you go as long as your budget allows it.

It also allows you to squeeze in other activities that might interest you that are not part of the classic safari. You can go on cultural tours and visit the markets and villages. You can volunteer for a couple days or engage in other philanthropic activities. It is all up to you really.

Right now you may not have the slightest idea what your safari will look like. But as you and your tailor begin to put the pieces together, the shape of the dress – read safari – will begin to take shape in your head. That’s why you need to choose the right craftsman for the job.

Trust them to put together something that will exceed your expectations. They probably know Tanzania more than you do and they know the right combination of experiences that are sure to wow any customer while putting their specific tastes and needs in mind.

How About You Add Some Beach Time?

If you are going on a Tanzania safari then you cannot afford to skip Zanzibar. Zanzibar and its exquisite beaches guarantee an amazing safari add-on. If you are on a honeymoon or traveling with your romantic partner, Zanzibar might just be that icing on the cake you need to take the romantic experience to the next level.

Zanzibar beaches - Tanzania safari

See You in Tanzania

It’s all simple really. Designing perfect private safaris just takes knowing what you want and then letting the tour operator design something that meets those needs in a practical manner to ensure that everyone is happy and that your Tanzania safari is an experience of a lifetime.

See you in Tanzania.

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