Moshi Tanzania: This Town Is Kilimanjaro’s Best Friend

Moshi Tanzania is the regional capital of the Kilimanjaro region which lies in the lower slopes of the Kilimanjaro. Tanzania has 30 administrative regions and Kilimanjaro region is one of them.

Moshi is a medium sized town with a population of around 200,000 people. The area is mainly populated by people from the Chagga, Maasai and Pare communities.

Moshi Tanzania - YMCA roundabout

Moshi Town – YMCA roundabout

You’ll find people who speak English but the most widely spoken language is Swahili.

Most travelers coming to Moshi are probably visiting the Kilimanjaro National Park or going to climb the iconic Mount Kilimanjaro. Moshi offers a convenient stop for such travelers with its comfortable hotels and lodges. The lodges are quite affordable with most of them being what you’d call mid-tier accomodation.

To fully appreciate the municipality, a guided walk through the streets of Moshi town is recommended. Open markets which characterize most of Tanzanian towns are there and can be quite fun to shop or just walk around in.

So what exactly would you do in Moshi?

Things To Do in Moshi Tanzania (Or Near Moshi)

Trek Mount Kilimanjaro

Moshi Tanzania Town - Uhuru Peak Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa. Climbing the mountain is a fun activity that attracts several adventure lovers every year. This is actually why most travelers come to Moshi.

Several operators offer packages that are as diverse as they are many. Finding one that suits your needs shouldn’t be a hassle.

You can also come to Moshi after your Kilimanjaro climb to unwind. There are a number of affordable nice hotels here that will make the stay worthwhile.

Visit Kilimanjaro National Park

Outside of Moshi on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro is the Kilimanjaro National Park.

With animals such as bush buck, blue monkey, elephants, bush baby, white colobus monkey, leopards and Cape buffalo, the park has earned its place as one of the major tourist attraction sites in the region.

Add a Kilimanjaro trek and your Kilimanjaro region experience is guaranteed to be awesome.

Run the Kilimanjaro Marathon

If you are in the region towards the end of February or the beginning of March, you can be lucky to catch the Kilimanjaro Marathon.

This is an annual event and should be fun for those who love athletics. You can participate in the full marathon (26.2 miles), half marathon (13.1 miles) or a fun run that will probably have you do about 3.1 miles.

This marathon has been consistently held for slightly over a decade now. It was started to help promote tourism in the area.

Take a Guided Tour of Moshi Town

Moshi town offers some very interesting places to visit. Visit the open air market or walk the streets to interact with the locals.

The locals mainly go to Soko La Kati and Kiboriloni markets. You can find things like clothing and fresh food at the markets. You can go to these markets to just hang out and take in the culture. You don’t have to buy anything.

Your visit should be pretty fun if you are guided through the town by a trained local guide.

Visit Lake Chala

visit lake chala - things to do in moshi Tanzania

With amazing accommodation at the Lake Chala Safari Camp, a visit to Lake Chala can be a very rewarding experience.

Lake Chala is a caldera lake on the Eastern edge of Mount Kilimanjaro and is very easily accessible from Moshi. This is one of the most beautiful places you will visit while in Moshi Tanzania.

Visit Kikuletwa Hot Springs

Kikuletwa hot springs is 2 hours drive away from Moshi.Don’t mind the distance and just give yourself a treat. You won’t regret it. This can be one of the best places to unwind as you swim in the heated spring water.

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How to Get to Moshi

The main airport serving the Kilimanjaro region is the Kilimanjaro International Airport. It is a 45 minute taxi ride from the airport to the town of Moshi.

There are international flights to Kilimanjaro International Airport but most travelers fly to Dar es Salaam first before proceeding to Kilimanjaro.

Take a taxi but not a daladala from the airport to your hotel room. Daladala are the 14 seater public service vehicles and can be quite inconvenient especially if you do not know your way around town.

Precision air operates a shuttle service that can also be used by passengers from other airlines.

You can also get to Moshi from other towns and cities by bus. Buses are cheap. The only inconvenience is that it might take significantly longer. You can check out Kilimanjaro Express or Dar Express bus services if you are coming here from Dar es Salaam.

Hotels in Moshi

Marangu Hotel

Marangu is a family run hotel with exceptional staff. It has an amazing view of the Kilimanjaro and its garden is very beautiful.

The hotel can be very convenient to stay in since it has a Kilimanjaro climbing company.

Moshi Leopard Hotel

Leopard hotel is affordable and is centrally located in Moshi. It affords you the opportunity to go into town and experience it.

The hotel has air conditioned rooms, friendly staff and a good restaurant.

Mountain Inn

Another lovely place to stay. It has very friendly staff and offers affordable prices.

Springlands Hotel

This hotel is owned by Zara tours and so chances are that you will stay here if you are booked with Zara tours.

It is a decent place to stay. I wouldn’t rate it a five star but the experience is good.

Parkview Inn

Park View Inn is a perfect place before and after a Kilimanjaro trek. The hotel is secure – has a wall surrounding the premises.

The hotel has very good views of the Kilimanjaro.

Keys Hotel

An old fashioned and quiet place that affords you the rest you need. The place has the basics taken care of but if you are looking for over the top luxury then this is not the place for you.

Keys has very friendly staff and is very popular with visitors after a Kilimanjaro climb.

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Getting around Moshi Town

Walking the streets of Moshi town can be pretty fun. Just make sure you know the Swahili replies to the several hellos you’ll be getting as you walk past excited children.

There are open air markets and coffee shops that you can visit in town. Just ask around and you will be directed to the coolest spots.

Weather in Moshi

Moshi Tanzania experiences tropical climate and the conditions are favorable throughout the year.

The highest temperatures are between October and February with temperatures slightly above 30 degrees Celsius. The highest average temperatures for the other months are 25 to 26 degrees Celsius. Average low temperatures rarely fall below 15 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

The wettest months are between late March and May.

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