Mafia Island Hotels & Lodges: 10 Best Accommodation Options


Looks like you’ve already made a decision to visit this awesome island. Now let’s find the best Mafia Island hotels for you…

Mafia Island is an unusual tourist destination. The island lacks most of the luxurious amenities of touristy destinations but that is what makes it special.

It is the place go to if you want to relax and rejuvenate. It also an awesome after safari destination. You should definitely consider making it to Mafia after completing your Tanzania wildlife safari.

Here are some of the Mafia Island hotels and lodges to consider for one of the most unique and thrilling holidays of your life…

Pole Pole Resorts

Pole Pole Resort consists of 7 bungalows overlooking the magnificent Chole Bay. The bungalows are thatched and blend well with Mafia’s awesome rustic feel. They are spacious and you’ll have amazing views of the Indian Ocean from the veranda.

It is a calm and quiet place that is perfect for being the base of your Mafia Island explorations or to just unwind after a Tanzania safari. Just as the name suggests (pole pole is Swahili translation for Slowly) it is a place to take it easy and the ambiance makes it possible to have a relaxed stay

There is a small spa close to the beach.

On offer are dhow and snorkeling trips, tour of the island and a visit to a PADI scuba diving center. The food served is mainly Italian. They have an indoor and an outdoor dining space.

This Mafia Island hotel is managed by an amazing Italian lady who has also taken the time to build an awesome team. The employees are friendly and offer world-class service to guests.

Chole Mjini Lodge

Chole Mjini Lodge is an amazing lodge. But it is not for tourists. The experience here is unlike in any of the other Mafia Island hotels. If you are the adventurous traveller, and can cope with the out of the ordinary, you’ll totally dig this place.

Chole Mjini Lodge - Mafia Island Hotels and Lodges

Chole Mjini Loge - Mafia Island Lodges

Chole Mjini Lodge

The over-the-top amenities of modern luxury hotels are not important here. Nature is the luxury on offer. You’ll use solar lamps and fans not electric lights. You won’t be using a flushing toilet but a composting loo. Still your drinks will be ice cold and your showers hot, if you want, when you want. How’s that for a holiday experience?

The multi responsible travel award-winning lodge consists of tree houses literally built around baobab trees. They have taken care to only use natural resources in constructing the facility. There are 6 tree houses and a ground suite with en suite flushing loo, if you’re not related to Tarzan or Jane, and they are all amazing.

Chole Mjini can afford you the most peaceful and life-changing holiday you’ve ever had.

Come here if you want a totally relaxing environment or to sample fresh local food, visit the local villages, scuba dive or swim with the whale sharks during the whale shark season.

Mafia Island Lodge

Mafia Island Lodge is located in Chole Bay on a sandy beach and has 34 rooms. 14 of the rooms are superior rooms, 2 are family rooms while 18 are standard rooms.

The hotel has one of the best settings in Mafia. Beautiful palm trees surround the hotel. You’ll have amazing views of the sea and gardens from your hotel room.

They have a lounge area, a bar, pool table and a restaurant. You’ll have access to free Wi-Fi.

It is a good place to stay for Mafia diving or snorkeling.

Ras Mbisi

Ras Mbisi lodge consists of thatched bandas overlooking the beach. The beach lodge is well maintained and the setting is absolutely gorgeous.

This is one of the best Mafia Island hotels to go to if you just want to relax and break away from civilization for a little while. The lodge offers an authentic barefoot luxury experience.

The place is made even more awesome by the attentive and helpful staff.

The experiences on offer include visits to Chungaruma Lakes, Chole Island, Mafia Island Marine Park and Mlola Forest. You can also go for diving or accompany local fishermen on fishing trips using the locally built boats known as ngalawas.

Kinasi Lodge

Kinasi is one of the best Mafia Island hotels as it has more modern amenities, has spa and a better than average beach overlooking Chole Bay. It is two decades old and seems to have gotten better with age.

Kinasi’s rooms all look the same. There are 14 rooms in total. Some have ocean views while others have views of the lodge’s gardens.

This Mafia lodge has great views of Chole Bay and the Indian Ocean – it sits on raised ground so the elevation affords the hotel better views of the area.

There is a well-designed swimming pool, pool table, spa, bar and beautiful gardens. The lodge also boasts of a PADI-diving center and a water sports center. There is also a shop where you can shop for beautiful souvenirs.

Butiama Beach

Butiama is a beach lodge consisting of 7 bungalows with views of the Indian Ocean.

The bungalows are makuti thatched and look very beautiful from outside.They have spacious verandas and you can enjoy the cool breeze from the ocean while on a hammock.

The handcrafted furniture were put together using retired sailing boats’ hardwoods.

It has a swimming pool, offers a range of activities for water sports lovers, has a PADI dive center and the bar area is lovely. The employees are friendly and always ready to help. They also serve good food.

Didimiza Beach Guest House

Didimiza beach guest house is a beautiful budget Mafia Island hotel located towards Mafia’s South Eastern end in the Marine Park. The huts are very simple but well cared for.


The hotel is owned by local Tanzanians. Nicki and Mohamed’s team is very caring and will ensure that you have an awesome Mafia holiday.

The location is great and affords travelers peaceful and tranquil holidays.

You can visit the local villages and experience Mafia’s amazing culture.

Mafia Beach Bungalows

This facility offers budget accommodation and is one of the best maintained Mafia Island hotels. You might want to consider this place if you are looking for an affordable place to stay.

Mafia Beach Bungalows

Mafia Beach Bungalows

It is located in the Marine Park.

The hotel has a beach front and is surrounded with beautiful palm trees.

The hotel also has a good bar and restaurant. The activities on offer cover land excursions, snorkeling and diving.

Chole Foxes Lodge

Chole Foxes Lodge is located in Chole Island on a beach surrounded by beautiful mangroves and consists of thatched bandas.

The mangroves remain unaffected by human activity and can be easily accessed through a natural break in the mangroves.

Like with the other Mafia Island hotels, energy is from solar power. The hotel is basic but very clean. They also serve very delicious food.

You will love the location. It is calm and peaceful. You can marvel at the stars at night and watch fireflies as the cool breeze from the ocean blows past you.

The hotel offers a range of experiences including snorkeling, diving, visits to the local villages, whale shark encounters and even dhow fishing.

Ibizza Inn

If you are strapped for cash and you are in the Kiindoni area then you should definitely consider Ibizza Inn. Budget travelers will love this place. It is reasonably priced, the rooms are very clean and are air conditioned.

The employees are awesome and are always ready to help.

Shamba Kilole Lodge

Shamba Kilole Lodge is located in the Marine Park and consists of 6 rooms. It is a peaceful place and can be an awesome place stay at when touring Mafia or to just relax after a Tanzania safari.

Shamba Kilole Eco Lodge

Honeymoon Room

Marco and Francesca and their team are very caring and helpful and will afford you the ultimate Mafia Island experience.

They organize diving activities in Mafia.

The only downside is that the lodge is not located right at the beach.


Are you coming to Mafia? Feel free to share what you feel about Mafia Island hotels below.

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