Kikuletwa Hot Springs: a Magical Oasis

kikuletwa hot springs moshi TanzaniaKikuletwa hot springs is an oasis of bubbling warm water some 35 Kms away from Moshi town. It is also called Rundugai hot springs or Chemka hot springs. ‘Chemka’ is Swahili for ‘boiling’.

Visiting Kikuletwa hot springs is one of the best things you can do while in Moshi.

It isn’t really that hot, just warm. The bubbling makes it look like boiling water hence the name ‘hot spings’. Since it is not very hot and the water is clean, visitors are free to swim in the oasis.

The water so clear you can see the bottom of the spring.

The entrance fee is Tsh 5000. That’s around USD 2.30.

Kikuletwa Hot Spring’s Magic

Kikuletwa hot springs is one of the best places to go if you want to get away from Moshi town or to just relax in a calm secluded environment.

It makes for a great day trip with a group of friends or family members. If you make it here early, you can have the entire place to yourself and your group of friends. This can be really awesome as you’ll be able to relax and chat undisturbed.

You can also come here to unwind after a Kilimanjaro climb.

You’ll be glad you came as the seclusion, freshness and ambiance of the place offers the perfect environment for you to renew physically and mentally. The oasis is surrounded by green trees. The place is therefore sheltered from the surroundings and this offers it this serene and calm feel that can lift up even the dullest of spirits.

There is even a rope swing for the child in you.

You can buy snacks and drinks at a nearby shop.

Free Pedicure

Kikuletwa hot springs has some small fish that nibble on your feet when you stay still in the water. They are called Garra Rufa Fish. They won’t harm you in any way.

They’ll be doing you a favor by exfoliating the dead skin on your feet. It’s actually quite awesome.

Getting to Kikuletwa Hot Springs

kikuletwa hot springs - dirt road

A dirt road in Tanzania

It’s about an hour’s drive to Kikuletwa from Moshi. Half the drive will be on a paved road but as you go further away from Moshi you’ll be driving on a gravel road. The drive can be very bumpy once you start using the gravel road. It is a small price to pay for the magic that awaits you at Kikuletwa.

Enjoy the drive through the countryside – it is part of the experience. You’ll see a lot of baobab and acacia trees.

Finding the springs isn’t hard if you ask for directions from the locals you meet during the drive. You can make it without a guide but you can also hire one.

Alternatively, you can get a motorcycle taxi operator at Boma Ng’ombe to ride ahead of you as you head to the place.

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