Dar es Salaam Airport Guide

The Dar es Salaam airport is called Julius Kambarage Nyerere International Airport. It is the biggest of the International airports serving Tanzania mainland and was named after Julius Nyerere who was the first president of Tanzania.

It currently has two terminal buildings but a third one is under construction and should be available for use in the coming months. The new modern terminal will handle international flights services only.

Terminal two currently handles both international and domestic flights services. Terminal one handles general aviation and charter services.

Location of the Dar es Salaam Airport (Julius K. Nyerere Intl. Airport)

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Airlines Flying To  the Dar es Salaam Airport

Emirates, Qatar Airways, British Airways, KLM, Swiss, Oman Air, Fly 540, Kenya Airways, South African Airways, Ethiopian Airways, Zambezi Airlines, Air Malawi, Egypt Air, Turkish Airlines, Precision Air among others.

Charter Companies

For those who would like to charter planes from the Dar es Salaam airport to other parts of Tanzania like Zanzibar, Arusha, Kilimanjaro or to a safari location, there are several reputable companies that operate at the Dar es salaam airport.

They include but are not limited to:

Air Excel, Auric Air Services, Nomad Tanzania, Safari Air Link, Tropical Air, Zan Air, Flight Link, Coastal Air and Zantas Air.


Travelers have always complained of the basic facilities at the Dar es Salaam Airport. The government is therefore building a brand new modern terminal to cater for international travelers and has promised that nothing will be overlooked. The terminal is expected to be open to travelers in the coming months.

Currently there are restaurants serving western cuisine at the airport. The last time I checked there were at least three such restaurants. There is a buffet service on the second floor of the international terminal building.

Forex facilities, ATMs and banks are also available for travelers using the Dar es Salaam Airport.

A good collection of souvenir shops can be spotted outside.

Ground Transport

It is approximately 12 Kilometers from Dar es Salaam airport to the city center. A taxi ride will cost you something in the range of  USD 25 – 40. You should always haggle to get a better deal on your taxi ride wherever you are in Tanzania except when using an Uber.

Some of the hotels in Dar es Salaam offer shuttle services from the airport to their hotels. Enquire with your hotel if they do offer such services.

Public Transport

City buses are accessible from stops located less than 500 meters from the terminal. They are way more cheaper than taxis.

I would however advice you to take a taxi from the airport to your destination as they are safer and more reliable.

Hotels Near Dar es Salaam Airport


Transit Motels

Transit Motel Airport – a comfortable motel accepting major credit cards located less than a kilometer from the airport.

Transit Motel Ukonga – Also accepts major credit card and is safe, clean and has friendly staff.


Carry cash. While there are several ATMs and outlets that accept credit cards, most of the transactions you will make will require cash ( and it is also a smart way to keep track of your expenditure).

Tanzania sits 3 hours ahead of GMT so adjust your watch accordingly.

The language of the people is Swahili. You will have a great time in Tanzania if you can introduce yourself and also say hello in Swahili.

Experience the culture in language, food, music and dance – in short, just have a good time. That way  you afford yourself a more wholesome experience.

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