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When it comes to African safaris, Tanzania is king.

By their very nature, safaris are the ultimate adventure experience. If you want to have the time of your life, an African safari is the answer. But Tanzania holidays take it to a whole ‘nother level.

During your Tanzania trip, you’ll be treated to the greatest show on earth.

I can actually say that and mean it. You see, Tanzania has some of the world’s best wildlife attractions. A significant proportion of the world’s game call Tanzania home. But the magic doesn’t stop at the amazing wildlife; the beauty of the country’s landscapes can be spell binding.

When a friend tells you that they are going on an African safari, a picture of hundreds of thousands of migrating wildebeests strutting through the expansive grasslands of the Serengeti come to mind.

And then there are the sunsets. I have seen many beautiful sunsets, but sunsets in the Serengeti against a backdrop of the never ending plains and majestic acacia trees with colorful chirping weaver birds are just something else.

serengeti sunset

Sunset in the Serengeti.  Photo credit: Dolapo Falola.

But Tanzania offers more than the Serengeti. There are tens and tens of more breathtaking places to see and experiences to have.

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area is a wonder of nature in itself. Can you imagine a place where you can see almost all the large animals that inhabit Nat Geo’s screens? Ngorongoro is the closest you can get to such a place.

You can also trek the Kilimanjaro:

Mount Kilimanjaro

The main parks for game viewing in Tanzania are:

  • Serengeti National Park
  • Ngorongoro Conservation Area
  • Tarangire National Park
  • Lake Manyara National Park
  • Arusha National Park
  • Selous Game Reserve
  • Ruaha National Park
  • Katavi National Park
  • Gombe Stream National Park

Want to know the best part?

Now the interesting part is that you can venture deep into the wild to enjoy all the above without sacrificing comfort. Your nights during your Tanzania trip will be spent in comfortable camps and lodges.

Some of these lodges can be truly luxurious. Really luxurious.

Tanzania trips - Serengeti Serena Lodge

Serengeti Serena Lodge. Photo credit: Dave Butler.

Singita Serengeti House. Tanzania holidays.

Singita Serengeti House. Photo credit: Image Communications.

The level of luxury you choose to shoot for during your Tanzania holiday actually depends on you. It will be determined by your budget. You can get some very good deals on some of these lodges if you book with a tour operator that has partnered with some of them.

It gets even better…

Zanzibar. Mafia. Pemba. If Tanzania wildlife safaris were cakes, these three islands would be the icing.

I love me some Zanzibar. Maybe because I have fallen in love with Mahamri and Pilau. There are plenty of such mouth watering Swahili dishes in Zanzibar.

Beach in Zanzibar.

Zanzibar is the beach lover’s paradise. White sandy beaches adorn the island. It has several world-class beach resorts. There has never been a more perfect place to wind down after an African safari.

Ocean Paradise Beach Resort in Zanzibar

Ocean Paradise Beach Resort in Zanzibar

If touristy islands aren’t your thing, you can forego Zanzibar and escape to Mafia or Pemba.

Mafia Island is not your typical tourist destination. It is for the truly adventurous at heart. The island remains remote and untouched but has this peaceful calming ambience that will whisk away all stresses of life.

You can go to Mafia to fully unplug from the connected world. Or to swim with the gigantic whale sharks. Yes, you can actually swim with whale sharks in Mafia.

Whale shark mafia island.

Whale sharks are harmless. You can literally swim with them in Mafia Island.

Planning your Tanzania holiday

The tour company you choose to organize your Tanzania holiday will definitely influence how awesome your trip is. I would therefore advise you to pick an established reputable company. That shouldn’t be much trouble as I put together a good list of Tanzania safari tour companies here.

You need not worry, though. Most of the operators are awesome – even the ones that aren’t on that list.

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Enough talk… now let’s get to ticking Tanzania safari off your bucket list. Trouble is, you’ll add it back because you’ll definitely want to return for a second time… and a third time.